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Flashing Red Lights + Day of Lions EP

FRL+DOL was recorded over 12 days or so at Aermotor Studios in Sunland, CA. Produced and recorded by Gena Gastaldi, Mack Slevin and Benjamin Welch. Mixing done by Jason LaRocca. Artwork and Photography by Zach Schrock. Tracks 1-5 by Flashing Red Lights and tracks 6-10 by Day of Lions. Album released October 11th, 2005. Click the links above for samples on MySpace.



01: Christmas
02: Alone
03: The Art of Self-Defense
04: The Pink Heart Cartoons
05: City
06: Oh the Miles, Oh the Roads
07: I Can't Give You Anything
08: Options
09: Fireplace
10: Let's Go Out Dancing